Dr. Michael Majette | dc, owner/ceo

"The leading cause of our nation's healthcare epidemics are preventable, treatable conditions.  I have dedicated my career to motivating and educating patients on the importance of behavioral change and fighting for their quality of life."

Dr. Joseph Columbus | dnp, anp-bc

"After many years treating patients in a hospital, I have seen first hand the importance of disease prevention.  I have an obligation to

my patients that goes beyond writing a prescription and it starts with showing them the necessary steps to cultivate healthy habits."


Sarah Sikes | wellness manager

"At IHS, you'll meet a team who genuinely loves to serve others.  We are in the business of people and are 'over the moon' excited with every opportunity we get to help improve someone's life." 

Amanda Majette | practice manager

"The road to wellness is all about baby steps.  Many times people are ready to make a change but don't know where to begin.  I love being a part of an organization that not only creates a road map for health but empowers individuals to make healthy choices the easy choices."

Good Health is Contagious! 

We are on a mission to spread wellness in the workplace.

The environment we are surrounded by has a compelling effect on our behavior.  We help employees and their families change unhealthy behaviors one step at a time and create a healthy culture where both employees and organizations can thrive. 

There is no "one size fits all"  wellness program.  At IHS, we assist corporations in building a road map to a healthier and more engaged workforce - one employee at a time.

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Weight Loss & Wellness Pioneer

Dr. Garcia’s program has helped patients lose a total of more than 1.5 million pounds.

Innovative Technologies

Uriah’s is a leader in the movement to bring sustainable indoor agriculture to urban centers. Providing resources that make it possible for workplaces to have access to the benefits of still-living plants in a clean, sustainable way.

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